Security Automation is the core value of Senserva and its products. Founded by Mark Shavlik to automate Cloud security.

Senserva automation finds and cuts through all your security data to provide nice, clean analytics

Senserva dispenses up-to-the-minute automation while providing extensive data gathering and delivering deep analytics and insights: removing noise by only surfacing prioritized risk data and detecting problems well before rogue actions occur. Logs and APIs are used.

"The integration of Microsoft Sentinel with the Senserva's award-winning Cloud Management Solutions allows us to work together to enhance customers' security posture with less complexity" - Eric Burkholder, PM Microsoft Sentinel at Microsoft Corp.

Senserva works with all XDR/MDR/SIEM solutions, including Microsoft Sentinel, as well as the Azure Log Analytics Workspace stand-alone. Providing full choices.

Proactively Solving the Challenges in Cloud Security

  • Create up to the minute, extensive data gathering and delivering analytics and insights, creating continuous technology models which customers use to preview their cloud environment for risk, finding problems well before rogue actions occur
  • Massive Scale or simple use built on run anywhere technology, Cloud hosted to command line, from large scale to a Raspberry Pi
  • Leverage what is already there
  • Keeping your data in your tenant
  • Provide a wide variety of visualizations, all open source and ready to customize as needed, our can be used as is
  • Remove noise, do not create it
  • Start with IAM/PAM and go from there

What Makes Us Different, Senserva's Key Values

  • 01

    Knowing Before

    Senserva's automation builds a deep understanding of your security state allowing us to simulate what security components will do before they are used. By combining the simulators with event logs more security risks can be automatically removed.

  • 02

    Sharing threat intelligence

    Senserva shares all its discovered and generated threat intelligence immediately among its other components. Senserva does this 7x24 to give you the most recent state of your security minute by minute.

  • 03

    Combining Weak Signals over long time ranges

    Senserva analytics can be used to combines weak signals from multiple components into stronger signals of malicious intent over time.

  • 04

    Providing weighted guidance to help prioritize activities

    Senserva continually reviews and weighs all critical security elements being managed to provide the most important things in need of security repair first, saving time and costs.

  • 05

    Complete API based on KQL

    Microsoft KQL can be used to access all Senserva analytics. KQL is a widely used query language used by products like Microsoft Sentinel and others.

  • 07

    Enriched, Deduped Data Stays in your tenant

    Senserva enriches data at every chance, greatly simplifying queries by reducing data joins. Senserva uses advanced data deduping to greatly reduce the data being stored. Your data stays in your tenant.

  • 08

    Leverages Existing Technology

    Senserva leverages your existing technology in every way it can, preserving and increasing the use of your investments.

  • 09

    Senserva works with All XDR/MDR/SIEM Solutions

    Senserva has full Microsoft Sentinel Integration, notebooks, workbooks and queries and works with XDR/MDR/SIEM all security platforms, including the command line. Senserva works with Microsoft Sentinel and Azure Log Analytics Workspace (LAW). And have deep experience with Kusto Query Language (KQL), Workbooks, and Notebooks, but we are not limited our analytics work everywhere.

  • 10

    Upcoming Senserva Portal

    The Senserva Portal will give direct access to our analytics.

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What We Make Better

  • 01

    Conditional Access

    Conditional Access in your Azure Active Directory IAM environment is ever changing, leaving you vulnerable if not well managed.

  • 02

    Azure Active Directory Applications

    Azure Active Directory IAM Applications can have a lot of power without the best oversight, the Senserva Bot reviews Applications access and configurations for security concerns

  • 03


    Microsoft Intune manages your devices, but can be a huge task to configure correctly. The Senserva Bot reviews Intune configurations and devices for misconfigurations.

  • 04

    MFA, IAM

    Senserva analytics include extensive MFA, IAM reveiws

  • 05

    Storage, License Levels

    Senserva analytics includeStorage, License Levels information

  • 06

    Users & Applications

    Senserva analytics include User & Application Entitlements and Connections between users, groups and application rights.

Senserva provides a wide variety of visualizations, all open source and ready to customize as needed, our can be used as is.

Critical report data is generated without a user ever logging in. An industry leader.
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Senserva is Built On the security automation of the Senserva Bot

The SenservaBot is the core of Senserva. All products and services start with the Senserva Bot. From Senserva's work with Microsoft Sentinel Notebooks, Workbooks and KQL, to our work with Microsoft Sentinel itself, with our command line and our very own Portal.

The Senserva Bot is very small and yet completely scalable and portable. It runs in the cloud, it runs in your data center or as a commandline its up to you. And it comes with a complete SDK.

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The Senserva Install

Installed in your tenant, data stays in your tenant

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